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Flowers' Liamo releases 'Save Tara' song in M-way protest


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Flowers' Liamo releases 'Save Tara' song in M-way protest

Irish Independent
Saturday July 28 2007

HOTHOUSE Flowers frontman Liam O Maonlai has released a protest song to rally opposition to the controversial M3 motorway route around the Hill of Tara.

The song, entitled 'Tara's Eye: (Money Mad Mile)' exhorts listeners to "stop the work on the money mad mile". It can be downloaded free from the internet.

O Maonlai, a long-time champion of Irish language and culture, criticises construction clones and politicians, using lyrics penned by Steve Cooney.

The protest ballad was released yesterday at a press briefing by pressure group TaraWatch.

Tarawatch spokesman Vincent Salafia said the song would boost efforts to pressurise Environment Minister John Gormley to re-route the road.

Mr Gormley continues to insist that he has no legal powers to reverse decisions taken by his predecessor Fianna Fail's Dick Roche.

Mr Salafia said Tarawatch campaigners were "humbled by this incredibly inspiring song, by one of Ireland's greatest modern bards". In the song, Mr O Maonlai decries the "cynical, clinical clones of construction" who "seem to think we're some kind of clowns". He also urges campaigners not to back down "against the plan of the damned" behind the road through the historic valley.

There are plans to release higher quality recordings on iTunes to raise money for the campaign.


Tara's Eye (money-mad-mile)
(I was told officially, when I went for tea at the Tara Tea Rooms grand
There was a major excavation, beyond my expectation, so I went with my cap in my hand...
And when I got to that Sacred spot, well, I could only admire the view
High above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue...)
When the earth sheds it's skin, the energy within is unstoppable
reative force
And if you're driving a machine through the Tara-Skryne your race has run its course
We're singin' up the land, not afraid to take a stand to let Creation shine through
High above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue...

We've all been awoken, the Word has been spoken 'Stop the work on the Money-Mad-Mile'
And people get ready, keep the Spirit steady, we gotta raise the roof up for a while
It's the Spirit of the Land or the Plan of the Damned, and it's a hell of a thing to do
But we're gonna fly high above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue...

Do you hear the sound through the holy ground where the ancient Fianna sleep?
In their gravelly beds, the Spirits of the dead and the Lia Fáil weep
And wherever we rest, in this world or the next, we will have learnt a thing or two
High above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue!

The cynical-clinical clones of construction seem to think that we're some kind of clowns
So we've got to pull together through this stormy weather to make those money-mad-men back down
And if they take us all away, we'll have to watch and pray over this wreck of the Ship Of Fools
High above that money-mad-mile, under the Tara sky so blue...

There's a solution to this cultural pollution that's goin' on in Gabhra green
Take the route to the West, the short road is best, no Toll through the Tara-Skryne
Born wild and free, people like me are not gonna see this road go through
And soon we'll being flying high above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue...

There's no need to panic, we're a natural organic dynamic, rekindling the ancient fire
So politicians rethink, step back from the brink, and listen to the dawn choir
These are timeless rights, so we'll sit here through the nights and we will fight for what is true
High above that money-mad-mile under the Tara sky so blue!

Steve Cooney
4th July '07

Liam Ó Maonlai - vocals, piano
Laoise Kelly - wire harp
Odhrán Ó Casaide - violin, uilleann pipes
Steve Cooney - guitars, bass, percussion, ditjeridú, production
Copyright © Steve Cooney 2007

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Jeff said...

I dont know you, and came across your blog by accident, just wanted to say thanks. Although I was born an Irish american I appreciate all your doing to preserve these great historical landmarks, and of course, my home country and heritage...THANK YOU!