Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Massive Hange Found Beside Hill of Tara


A massive henge has been discovered in Lismullin, beside Rath Lugh and near the Hill of Tara. The entrance faces the Hill. Reports are still sketchy, and there is 24 hour security on the site.

TaraWatch reported the site to Eamon Kelly, Keeper of Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland on Monday 30 April.

Under the National Monuments Act 2004, all work is supposed to cease on a national monument when it is discovered in the path of a road, and the Minister is supposed to consult with the Director of the Museum.

We are demanding an immediate cessation of works, and access. We are also retaining a professional archaeologist to generate a report, and are engaged in an urgent fundraising effort to cover the costs. Please see donation information below.

A henge is a prehistoric architectural structure which consists of nearly circular or oval-shaped flat area over 20 metres (65 feet) in diameter that is enclosed and delimited by a boundary earthwork that usually comprises a ditch with an external bank. The earthwork permits access to the interior by one, two, or four entrances. Internal components may include portal settings, timber circles, post rings, stone circles, four-stone settings, monoliths, standing posts, pits, coves, post alignments, stone alignments, burials, central mounds, and stakeholes (English Heritage definition). Because of the defensive impracticalities of an enclosure with an external bank and an internal ditch (rather than vice versa), henges are considered to have served a ritual, rather than a defensive, purpose...

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ro_G said...

Julian Cope will be in Ireland in June for a gig, you should see if he can get some publicity surrounding it.

Anonymous said...

On a website named jahtruth ive read tales of how Tara could be the home of the lost ark, I think that would be amazing. D o you believe their could be any hopes of this.
We really should be upholding our history and heritage against these globalization governments that are selling out on everything and everyone, dictatorships riding rough shod they are.

Anonymous said...

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh, Belenos agus Lugh ..