Monday, September 25, 2006

Save Tara march - 4th Novemember 2006



A demonstration against the proposed M3 motorway route through thenational monument of the Tara Skryne Valley is to be held in Navan onSaturday, 4th November, starting at 3pm.

The purpose of the March is to create an opportunity for people tovoice their objection to the Government, particularly Dick Roche,Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government at the badplanning, corruption, toll roads, public-private partnerships,overspending on motorways, lack of investment in public transport aswell as the widespread rapid destruction of Irish Heritage being fundedby Irish Taxpayers money.

Groups and individuals from all parts of Ireland have already pledgedtheir support, as have members of the Opposition Parties.

A meeting for all those wishing to take an active part in assisting inthe organisation of the March will be held on Thursday 12th October atThe Newgrange Hotel, Navan at 8.30pm.

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