Friday, February 03, 2006

International News Stories

Telegraph - 'Seat of Celtic kings is threatened by motorway' 01-13-06
Irish Examiner - 'Public want M3 to steer clear of Tara' 08-20-05
Irish Times - 'Strong words exchanged in row over protection of Tara 05-23-05
Sunday Times - 'Activist to sue Roche over Tara Skyrne' 05-15-05
San Diego Union Tribune - 'Ireland divided over plan for a highway past its 'sacred capital' 05-20-05
Boston Globe - 'Ireland divided over road plan near 'sacred capital' 05-13-05
Seattle Times - 'Highway plan stirs Irish road rage' 05-12-05
Indianapolis Star- 'Sacred Irish hill or roadside attraction?' 05-12-05
New York Times - World Briefings' 05-12-05
International Herald-Tribune- 'Highway plans approved despite a storied site' 05-12-05
MSNBC- 'Ireland OKs highway near site of ancient kings. Overruling protests, route to pass by hallowed ground of St. Patrick' 05-11-05
North County Times - 'Ireland divided over plan for a highway past its 'sacred capital' - the Hill of Tara' 05-11-05
Environment Magazine- 'Next left: high kings, pagan overthrow' April 2005
ABC News- 'Ireland Divided Over Hill of Tara Plan' 05-11-05
Cape Times Irish hill represents age-old battle' 04-01-05
The Sunday Times - Ireland. 'Motorway madness' 03-26-05
The New York Times - 'Next Exit: Food, Gas and the Burial Place of Irish Kings' 01-31-05
Washington Post- 'In Ireland, Commuters vs. Kings' 01-22-05
The Sunday Times- Ireland: 'Theron brushes up on Hill of Tara' 09-26-04
The Irish Times - Heritage protection in ruins - Annual review 2003

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